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User Fees

・Please use our facilities after you have filled out the necessary items on the designated application to use our facilities, included the user fees, applied to the Kawabe B&G Marine Sports Center, and have obtained permission.

・Applications to use our facilities can be obtained up to three months before the day you intend to use them.

・Please inquire for more details.

・Information on how to use our facilities is here

Section Unit Fee(yen) Notes
Students General
Conference Room Morning 800
Afternoon 800
Night 900
Accommodation (Rowing Center)
・Includes use of the bathroom.
One person one night 1,100 1,500 Four eight-person rooms.
Bathroom One person one time 200 Separate rooms are available for men and women
Boat-house equipment Quadruple/Four For four hours 800 1,100
One day 1,100 1,700
Double/Pair For four hours 700 1,100
One day 1,000 1,700
Single For four hours 700 1,100
One day 1,000 1,700
Motorboat For four hours 1,600 2,300
One day 3,200 4,600
Broadcasting equipment One day 2,300
Waterway equipment One day(500m) 2,300
One day(1,000m) 4,600
Storage fee Eight One year 34,000 68,000
Quadruple/Four One year 23,000 46,000
Double/Pair One year 17,000 34,000
Single One year 11,000 22,000
Sweep oars One year 2,300 4,600
Scull oars One year 1,100 2,200

  1. Storage charge fee calculated monthly (rounded down to the nearest ?10)

  2. Motorboat fuel is an out-of-pocket expense.

  3. The fee of sheets is the actual cost. (It is 400yen as of September 2014.)